Mississippi Valley Region is dedicated to make your experience with us positive and we have planned to communicate every aspect to make a stress less experience for you. WE understand showing cars and the particulars you need to have happen, but we need EVERYONE’S cooperation and participation and we cannot do it without the most important person and that is YOU. Please observe our communications below and if you require any special accommodations please contact us. We will be cramped for FREE trailer parking but at least it is next to the show field! Please be respectful to our people who are working hard for your benefit! Anyone not complying with our plans will not be allowed in our parking areas and could be subject to being towed if illegally parked elsewhere.

Before leaving home please visit our web site to see all the places you can visit in our area on your down time. Also we have revisions and updates.

Wednesday Noon: Trailer Parking Begins: (Wednesday Noon - 9:00 p.m.) (Thursday & Friday 9:00 a.m. – 9p.m.) Entry to the parking lot will begin at the west end entry of the Iowa-Wireless lot only. The lot will be closed before this time so plan accordingly. One of our parking guides will show you exactly where to park. Oversized trailers will be parked along the west and north outer perimeter of the lot and park the trailer at a slight angle so your show vehicle can get out. Normal one car trailers and tow vehicles MUST be parked at a slight angle so your show and tow vehicle can easily get out. Space between trailers is to be no more than 3’ to get as many close to the field as possible. When this lot is filled we will begin parking in the outer lanes of River Drive from the parking lot west entry to the west for .8 of a mile. Note: If you are arriving on Saturday morning the lot will be full and parking will be in the outer lanes on River Drive from the field entry point going west. Park, unload and bring your car east to the staging area for a picture. Registration will be in this staging area also. All cars winning awards will have their picture displayed overhead as awarded at the Awards Banquet. DO NOT ARRIVE WITH YOUR CAR AT THE STAGING AREA’S WITHOUT YOUR WINDSHIELD CARD!!!!!! We need this to quickly identify your vehicles number, register it on our flip card, shoot a picture, place the card on your passenger side of the windshield and send you quickly down the field. (look at our field layout on our web page) Also you can view all cars entered by class.

Thursday: Dessert Social:A Dessert Buffet for all participants will be held Thursday evening, 7-9 p.m. in the Stoney Creek Galley.   Desserts donated by the MVR members plus ice tea, lemonade and coffee will be offered free of charge. There will be time to mingle, relax and get your questions answered by MVR members. (Show Field layout will be displayed)

Friday: BBQ:On the show field will be a tented area where food will be served starting at 6:00 p.m. Menu is: Grilled Chicken Breast or Thick Boneless Chop both on a bun, Au Gratin Potatoes, Green Beans with Bacon, Cole Slaw, Italian Rotini Pasta, Seasonal Fresh Fruit, Chocolate Fluff, Coffee and Lemonade. All table service is provided. Many of our members not displaying on Saturday will display their cars on the field directly to the west of the tents. There will be seating to eat or you can wander the display and talk with our members about… Cars… You must have a ticket for this event.

Saturday: Show Day: Entry to the field will be at the west access point to the parking lot ONLY! We will begin staging cars at 6:00AM at two points. We need to have two cars on the field per min. so we need your full cooperation. One will be at the south west corner of the parking lot and the other on River Drive at the west entry to the field. Make sure you have your windshield card with you! We will need your AACA vehicle number so we can stage the number and your car together. A quick picture will be taken for the awards ceremony, your windshield card fastened on the passenger side windshield so our people can identify you and we will get you quickly in your correct place. Our people positioning your car will all be wearing bright T-shirts and or safety vests and will all have copies of the field and all entry’s. Each block will have a block captain and they will have several helpers. The show field layout will be displayed at the motels and at any of our events along with being on our web page. Our show field will have a total of 1 mile of display space with 12’– 15’ for each vehicle. There will be two locations on the field for porta potties and wash stations along with two Hy-Vee locations serving drinks and food. These are located two blocks in from each end of the field. Lagomarcino’s will be serving ice cream on the field in front of the Radisson by our tents.

Awards Banquet: The GRAND FINALEof the Grand National Meet will be the banquet and awards ceremony. This is held in the arena of the Iowa-Wireless facility. Some of our clubs unusual cars will be on display in the banquet room starting at 6:00p.m. We will have a special display of 3 locally made vehicles.


Salad: Field greens with tomatoes, red onion, cucumber, w/aged balsamic vinaigrette dressing, artisan rolls w/sweet butter.

Entrée: Grilled Flat Iron Steak w/Yukon gold mashed potatoes and green beans.

Desert: New York style cheesecake with berry compote, coffee and a selection of herbal teas.

The seating will be round tables seating 10. A banquet ticket IS REQUIREDand a hand stamp will be applied upon your initial entry with ticket. After dinner is complete the doors will be opened to allow those attending the awards ceremony only.



We hope you will have a great experience with us at YOUR Grand National!

Please check our web page before you leave for the latest updates!

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